We recently completed this lovely limestone floor deep clean restoration for a client in Higher Walton, Warrington,  along with acid damage (etch mark) removal that was caused by accident or simply not knowing what to use. On stone or other sensitive surfaces, if in doubt, use only water or nothing at all and ask someone with experience to correct the damage – it will cause less inconvenience than you may think. This way you’ll save yourself a big headache and sometimes a very expensive lesson.

Hope this video explains a bit better how etch mark damage is removed from some stone surfaces step by step.

This particular limestone floor required to be deep cleaned using industry-specific cleaning chemicals and machinery. Once the floor is clean it is not ready for damage removal in the form of diamond pad honing the stone just below the level of damage and then re-polishing it to match the rest of the floor shine. This is achieved in several sets of diamond pads, but such damage usually starts at around 400 grit, so if the damage can be removed with 400 grit diamond technology pads we will go to and do that otherwise would have to drop it down to 200 grit. The etching is when acid in the sense burns the stone and makes it a little rough in that area making it look dull.  What we are trying to achieve with honing is to make the whole affected area rough to match the damage.  Once the damage is removed/honed – the stone is polished with diamond pads going up in grits from 400 to 800 and last one 1500 as in this case. With every set of pads, we always have to polish a slightly wider area than before to blend it all in.

Once polishing is  complete and we are satisfied that damage is repaired – floor has to be left to dry overnight and sealed with professional grade impregnating solvent sealer, to make sure the floor is protected and more resilient to water and oil-based spills and also easier to maintain without specialist neutral PH cleaner that we supply to all our clients. This is a very important part to make sure the stone stays clean and residue free. Another detergent, high alkaline-based cleaners can leave a lot of its own residues, causing dust and general dirt sticking to the floor and making it dirty prematurely.

You can reach us for advice on limestone floor cleaning and restoration in Warrington on 01477 459109 otherwise please see our stone floor restoration page for more information.

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